FWF: And The Cow Says…

I’ll always remember the day the two-legged girl with lots of hair first came to see me. She bought a few leaves of a crunchy, tasty goodness. She bought me a fresh leaf everyday she visited my home keeping her distance at first but coming a little closer every time.

When she would come, she would stay for a while, often singing a beautiful tune or just talking to me even though she knows I cannot respond and thinks that I cannot understand. But I can.

One day the girl came to me bearing lots of the tasty leaves and after singing to me told me her name was Amber. She then decided to give me a name also and from then on I was known by her and even the two other two-legged people as Ella.

After many, many days of listening to her songs, hearing her fantastical stories and eating the leaves she bought me, she begun to come less often. She still came to visit me every day she visited my home. A farm I think they called it. But she came to the farm a lot less often.

Eventually she just stopped coming. And eventually I moved. I was moved into a new home with new two-legged people. I didn’t get any tasty leaves, just the usual grass. I didn’t get any songs, just the birds and the bees. I didn’t get any stories, just my own thoughts. And I didn’t get another name.

But I was happy. I was Ella the Heifer and I had been fortunate to meet and spend time with Amber, the hairy, two-legged girl.

Amber. xx

Okay, I was crying by the end of this. ): Haha, aw.
This story has been created from another prompt, although the content itself is mostly true.

Credits for the prompt, And The Cow Says… (Week 47), belong to Kellie Elmore with her prompts page Free Write Friday . A page that I think I shall be writing from on Friday from now on! (:


The Girl Who Danced With Fire

There once was a girl
who danced with Fire.
To dance with her Dad
was her greatest desire.

A day then came when
her dear Dad was killed.
And with dark revenge
her sweet heart was filled.

The killers had fire
their flames a deep red.
Whilst her flames she danced with
were bright gold instead.

This young girl would dance
with her flames no more.
She would fight with the fire
to this she now swore.

She would hunt them all down
her Dad’s killer’s four.
Until they were dead
all dead to their core.

The first poetry I’ve ever written. It’s not great or anything, but I just quickly wrote it for a page in my visual arts diary for class and I decided to put it up here as a result. 🙂 It is also a poem to go with the first snippet of writing as well.

Amber. xx