The Girl Who Danced With Fire

There once was a girl
who danced with Fire.
To dance with her Dad
was her greatest desire.

A day then came when
her dear Dad was killed.
And with dark revenge
her sweet heart was filled.

The killers had fire
their flames a deep red.
Whilst her flames she danced with
were bright gold instead.

This young girl would dance
with her flames no more.
She would fight with the fire
to this she now swore.

She would hunt them all down
her Dad’s killer’s four.
Until they were dead
all dead to their core.

The first poetry I’ve ever written. It’s not great or anything, but I just quickly wrote it for a page in my visual arts diary for class and I decided to put it up here as a result. 🙂 It is also a poem to go with the first snippet of writing as well.

Amber. xx